SilverLit O.P One



The OP One radio-controlled robot from Silverlit is a remotely-controlled, fully controllable, high-tech toy robot equipped with 8 independent motors, making it possible to move as much as possible, so that it looks like a living being, so realistic that it can actually listen, react and memorise sentences. Its eyes are equipped with LED lighting with a flashing and scintillating light effect, and his head can move in all directions. Thanks to the motorised arms, you can bend his arms from the shoulders and elbows and it can lift objects with both hands. In dance mode, this RC robot will show the coolest dance moves to 5 different songs, in which it will repeat OP One in a robot voice. Unique is the two-way communication between the robot and the controller: you can program various actions on your controller that OP One will perform exactly as you wish! This high-tech robot guarantees hours of fun!

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